Energy place Oberstdorf

A - in the truest sense of the word - wonderful place is the Kraftplatz in Oberstdorf.

The first scientifically studied energy place on earth.

In 1994 it was scientifically examined for its positive effect by the scientist Karl-Heinz Kerll in cooperation with doctors, alternative practitioners and radiesthesists/geomancers, Max Planck Institute, University of Stuttgart (Kirlian evaluation). 

Through underground watercourses and geological faults, oscillations and vibrations are emitted to the earth's surface, which the human body can absorb in the form of energy. This energy

This increase in energy has a positive effect on the immune system and can trigger and support self-healing mechanisms. 

The place is divided into different energy zones and embedded in a Feng Shui garden.


Take a guided tour with our expert Rolf Müller!

Every Friday at 5 pm

Meeting point in the lobby at Naturhotel Waldesruhe.

8,- € p.p. directly for Rolf!

Our energy place tips:

  • Stand calmly and relaxed. 
  • Focus on conscious, deep breathing.
  • Start with 15 minutes until you find your own rhythm and optimal time.
  • What do you feel? A tingling? Warmth? 
    If you feel uncomfortable, leave the place immediately. 

Continue to carefully observe your body's reactions even after visiting the energy place.

Energy place location

It is located directly below the Naturhotel Waldesruhe - an ideal place to relax, explore the beautiful surroundings and get inspired. 

You can reach the energy place comfortably via the western meadow paths. You cross the Stillach river via the Schlechten bridge and from there the walking path leads up to the Naturhotel Waldesruhe. Directly at the feet of the hotel is the energy square.

Many hiking trails and cross-country ski runs start here and the fantastic panoramic view is unique. The place in Oberstdorf is one of the most famous energy places on earth and can be compared with Stonehenge, Lourdes, Chartres and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, among others, in terms of energy strength.

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Refuel energy / reduce stress

Visitors can feel a strong earth magnetic radiation, which can have an invigorating, stimulating and also healing effect on us humans. All this can be complemented by a stay in the Waldesruhe nature hotel with wellness-fitness area with sauna and swimming pool, as well as a balanced and regional menu.

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