"Everything is energy"

Albert Einstein

Karl-Heinz Kerll

In 1988, the chemist Karl-Heinz Kerll, who was himself suffering from Bekhterev's disease, discovered by chance after repeated visits to the Illerwehr near Martinszell that not only had his pain been relieved, but his disease had also come to a halt. This was the prelude to decades of effort to research the effects of energy places worldwide and to scientifically prove their healing effects. 

Although the cultural and cultural-historical importance of famous energy places, such as Stonehenge or Lourdes, is considered undisputed, there were still hardly any records and studies to be found that dealt with the properties of famous power places and their effect on humans. From then on, Kerll dedicated himself to this task and repeatedly received support from scientists, doctors and naturopaths, as well as scientific institutions such as the Max Planck Institute and Stuttgart University. 

Since 1995, especially the energy place in Oberstdorf has become the center of his research. Between 1.5. and 31.12.1995 alone, Karl-Heinz Kerll and his wife asked 3,738 people about their experiences after visiting the square. 71.4% (2,668) reported having felt a reaction on their bodies, 28.6% (1,070) said they had felt nothing. Of those who had perceived a reaction, it also appeared that in most cases they had previously suffered from health conditions or pain. In addition, more women than men perceived the energy of the place of power. 

453 places, 190 countries, 5 continents

Due to the extensive and repeated investigations of the Oberstdorf energy site, it is considered today as the first scientifically investigated energy site on earth. In order to achieve worldwide comparative values, he traveled to Oberstdorf.

In doing so, he also benefited from the work of Jörg Purner. He had examined the places of numerous holy places and famous houses of God, which were considered as cultural 'places of the strength'. Based on many mutations and investigations, Purner came to the conclusion that cultural sites were often built on two intersecting positive water veins. Therefore, he concluded that both earth faults and positive water veins are the cause of the special, energetic radiations at energy sites. 

According to his own information, Kerll conducted a total of over 19000 surveys between 16.05.1988 and 31.12.2006. Kerll visited for it 5 continents and 190 countries whereby he could accomplish measurements at 453 places, whose situation of -28 m above sea level. up to 5.452 m above sea level. 

In spite of all Kerll's efforts, science is still in its infancy as far as evidence for the effect of energy sites is concerned. 

It should therefore be expressly pointed out at this point that a visit to an energy place is not intended to replace a visit to a doctor, nor was this Kerll's intention:

"For sure, a visit to an energy square cannot replace a good specialist. However, it seems at the present time that a visit to an energy square can positively support medical treatments, stimulate the immune system and trigger certain self-healing mechanisms."

Thus, as before, each visitor must decide for themselves if they wish to venture into this experience. An open mind with a healthy pinch of skepticism and no expectations, however, should be the ideal conditions to visit an energy place, according to Kerll. 

Without expectation and without pressure the visitor is to be able to get involved in peace with the place. It will observe thereby exactly whether an immediate or a delayed effect can be determined, if necessary "cross-checks" by renewed attendance of the power place to set up and resulting from it its own conclusions regarding the effect of the place to draw.

Who would like to deal more deeply with the methods and realizations Kerll, can read all results of its investigations between 1988 and 2010 in its book energy places - earth jets and their effect on humans. (ISBN 3-8311-3351-4)