1 square - 3 energy zones

A power place in Feng Shui design

In addition to the impressive view and tranquility, thanks to the secluded location on the slope, the Oberstdorf energy place offers another special feature: 

The place is divided into 3 energy zones, each with its own energetic focus. Depending on personal feeling and need, all places or only a selection of the places can thus be visited and used. 

Below we present the 3 places in a little more detail.

1. original energy place

The highest magnetic field is located at this area of the square. Thus, the energy and its effect can be perceived most strongly here. 

Recommendation: Stand on the square in a standing, open posture. Your palms should point downwards. Remain in this posture for a maximum of 20 minutes. If you feel uncomfortable, leave the place immediately and sit down at a sufficient distance to come to rest.

2. release - place

This place is especially good for letting go of difficult life situations or habits, as well as fears and addictions. 

Recommendation: Stand relaxed on the square. Concentrate mentally on the area of your life that you want to let go of and ask for it. 

3. heart - place

In this place it is particularly well possible to intensively perceive a direct connection of one's own heart with the heart of Mother Earth. 

Recommendation: Assume a comfortable posture. Stay relaxed, close your eyes and concentrate completely on your breath and the rhythm of your heart. Let your thoughts and imagination run free.